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Welcome to Fournilwrittenalloverit

Welcome to Fournilwrittenalloverit

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15 year old who holds the camera and interviews excited football fans. The Technical Manager of the team and all-around organisation executive.


A nice bloke and Director of Transport at fournilwrittenalloverit. A lifelong Pompey fan seeing the ups and downs way before YouTube existed.

Alexander the negative

Notorious for playing Devil's Advocate, our resident keeping-your-feet on-the-ground officer. A key member of the team, you rarely see him smiling.

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Welcome to our fournilwrittenalloverit Online store. In 2015, we started the show which is enjoyed by thousands every week. We upload a 10 minute video of our matchday experience following the fortunes of our famous football club, Portsmouth FC.

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"Good Morning Andrew..."

Over the years we have been viewed by over 300,000 people worldwide and thrive to provide an enjoyable and funny show every week. We have launched a clothing line on the back of this to ensure that viewers can feel part of the show and part of the fournilwrittenalloverit team.

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Fournilwrittenalloverit faqs

How long have you done this for?

We started in July 2015, so over 3 years now...

Why is it called fournilwrittenalloverit?

Simply because every football game we have been to, Andrew, my dad, would always put the ludicrous bet (only worth £1) that the score would be 4-0 to Portsmouth. Also, growing up, quite a lot of our 'football family' used the term, and therefore the channel name came from that.

Is Andrew actually your dad?

Believe it or not, yes he is.

Who is your favourite Pompey player?

The answer to that one is Conor Chaplin, although our all-time favourite is Robert Prosinečki, and fun-fact, he is now the manager of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

What made you start YouTube?

Video making has always been something that I have enjoyed, I used to make football videos in the back garden from when I was about 6 years old, and since then have always had a passion for using a camera. I decided to start making a video about the football, seeing as we went to it every week, andjust went from there.

Any advice for someone looking to start YouTube?

Be yourself, find something you enjoy doing and something you are passionate about and create the content based on that. If you are just doing it to make money (which we don't) then it is very hard to enjoy.

Pompey, on a global scale...

Portsmouth v Doncaster Rovers - fournilwrittenalloverit

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